People, Not Just Statistics

In Their Own Words

While statistics surrounding diabetes, non-healing wounds, peripheral arterial disease and amputation are alarming, it’s people whose stories and voices must be heard.  While every story is different, the challenges each person faces are often very similar.  The voices must not remain silent if change for the better is to happen.  Here are some stories of people whose lives have been positively impacted by The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation.


The White Sock Campaign was created by the Save A Leg, Save A Life (SALSAL) Foundation to help raise awareness of PAD, diabetes, and the prevention of amputation. The SALSAL has developed a pin with a sock on just one end of the ribbon. This is to promote solidarity with our amputees. It also signifies the many wound care patients that often can wear only one shoe, while the foot may be wrapped with a dressing. Many times, a sock is the only outer garment that will fit over the bulky dressings.

We are asking physicians, clinicians, and staff across the country to participate in The Save a Leg, Save a Life (SALSAL) Foundation’s White Sock Campaign. The goal is to raise awareness of the connection between PAD and diabetes and the importance of early vascular care – we do this by wearing one simple and visible tool: a white sock.


The white sock symbolizes the many diabetes patients with late-stage PAD who have had an amputation or risk amputation due to delayed treatment.



The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation is a Florida-based 501c3 non-profit organization (FL Solicitation Registration number CH47375).
Federal Tax ID: 32-0467696


What We Do: ``To reduce the number of lower extremity amputations and improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens who are afflicted with wounds and complications from diabetes and peripheral arterial disease.”

We will accomplish these goals by using advanced evidence-based methods, by educating health care practitioners and patients, through community outreach, philanthropy and patient advocacy.


Highlights, articles and news as SALSAL reaches the population in need of important information that may help save a leg and save a life!


Incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2015, The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation was created to address issues pertaining to the ever-increasing diabetic population at local and international levels, including non-healing wounds, peripheral arterial disease and lower extremity amputation. Education, philanthropy and patient advocacy are the principles the Foundation has been built upon.
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