Sponsor an Event

Community programs can change outcomes.

SALSAL Community Outreach and Screening events are an excellent sponsorship opportunity for our partners to increase visibility and make a real difference. They are held in communities meeting several criteria:

  • High need as evidenced by amputation rates, rates of diabetes and other
  • Vulnerable and at-risk populations
  • Proximity to university or hospital programs demonstrating commitment to serving the needs of the population and improving outcomes

The healthcare team, healthcare industry, patients and families must be on the same team, same goals; decreasing amputations. Sponsor support is critical for SALSAL events as we band together to educate community team members about upstream detection of arterial disease to ultimately decrease leg amputations.

Community Outreach and Screening EvenTS
  • Direct to patient connection and impact
  • Reach high risk, underserved, multicultural populations
  • Bring community members and health care community together
  • Resolve unmet healthcare need in these communities
  • Extend goodwill that goes a long way
  • Create word of mouth through credible sources (family, church, physicians)
  • Support physicians as well as patients in the community
  • Collaborate with public/private/nonprofit partnerships for community outreach

To learn more about sponsoring SALSAL events, contact us.

Get Involved

My company is interested in sponsoring one or more SALSAL Community Screening and Educational EventS. Please have someone contact me