Join us in fulfilling the mission.

Whether you are a healthcare practitioner, patient advocate, industry representative or community member, The Save A Leg, Save A Life foundation needs your help now and in the future.  Our Board of Directors are all volunteers, and we rely on many other volunteers to fulfill our mission.

“When you volunteer in our organization, you are demonstrating love, hope, and compassion to our community members that may be facing unnecessary amputations. Statistics indicate that this disease may affect your loved ones. I urge you to donate your time, resources, and/or funds to continue our mission to save legs & save lives.”

Community Education and Screening Events
  • Our biggest volunteer opportunity is the SALSAL Ambassador, someone who is highly connected in public health and can help us organize supporters, sponsors and attendance beginning months in advance
  • Event promotion requires volunteers in the community to let citizens know about the free screenings and encourage attendance
  • Event production volunteers are needed to set up and staff the event. We typically draw from nursing students and local healthcare practitioners
The White Sock Campaign

Each September during PAD Awareness Month we spread the message about amputation prevention through the White Sock Campaign.  Volunteers who can organize local events in their community, hospital or clinic help the message go further.

Other volunteer opportunities

As SALSAL grows, we will create more opportunities to contribute their knowledge, skills and time. Join us in fulfilling our mission.

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