The White Sock Campaign

Vital Awareness of a Fatal Disease


is Peripheral Arterial Disease Awareness Month

Build Awareness

The lack of understanding of Peripheral Arterial Disease takes a deadly toll each year.

Take Action

Acting versus simply talking about the issues drives The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation, and our signature event, “The White Sock Campaign.”


Of The White Sock Campaign

It’s a simple, grass-roots concept. Using social media, local screening events and spontaneous teaching opportunities prompted by our supporters, we bring the issues of PAD, Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) and unnecessary lower extremity amputations to light.

How It Works:

Supporters wear a single white sock on an exposed leg – at home, work or anywhere
Supporters post photos of themselves on all forms of social media
Post should include @thesalsalorg and #whitesockcampaign #PADawareness #salsal #savealegsavealife #PADAwarenessMonth #takeyoursocksoff #limbsalvage #amputationprevention

Why one white sock?

Supporters wear a single white sock on an exposed leg –at home, work or anywhere
Draws attention to the LOWER EXTREMITY AND THE plight of amputees
Calls attention to the fact that there are patients who cannot afford items such as diabetic socks

Driving awareness and raising funds

An aware public will demand better access to treatment and encourage proactive lifestyle choices to prevent complications from PAD-including heart attack and stroke. Through the campaign SALSAL raises funds to educate the public and health care providers and to fund our mission-driven projects.