Put Your Foot Down

What’s the challenge?

A fundraising and awareness challenge using video social media platforms to incite a viral campaign to change public tolerance of preventable amputations.

Our goals for this campaign:

• Make the facts about preventable amputation widely known
• Raise $1M for The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation

Facts about preventable amputations:

  1. The diabetes pandemic is worsening here and abroad, resulting in an increase in peripheral arterial disease, critical limb ischemia, chronic wounds, and amputations.
  2. Lockdowns where services were needed most resulted in higher amputations during the COVID pandemic here and abroad.
  3. The general public does not understand what is at stake. Many at-risk patients never even remove their socks during doctor visits.
  4. It is estimated that 50% of lower extremity amputations are performed in the US as a first line intervention and without prior vascular testing.
  5. Approximately half the patients receiving a diabetes-related amputation will die within 5 years.
  6. Interventions exist that can be utilized to prevent or reduce the extent of amputations.
  7. Changing hospital policy to ensure vascular studies are performed prior to amputation can result in a significant decrease in amputations.
  8. “Amputation should be seen not as a treatment option, but as a treatment failure”

Where does the money go?

  1. The SALSAL Patient Assistance program helping those in need of medical and other supplies like walking boots, compression socks, diabetic shoes.
  2. Community programs like free health screenings and educational events.
  3. Scholarships to assist medical personnel with wound certification.

How to do the challenge

Within 24 hours of being challenged, you must record yourself in continuous video taking the challenge yourself.

  1. Announce your name and acceptance of the challenge from (your friend’s name). State: “The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation is asking all of us to put our foot down about preventable amputations and we’re raising money to meet our goal of $1million dollars. I am going to stand on one foot while [fill in the challenge]. For every second I remain on one foot [friend’s name] is going to donate $5 to the Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation.”
  2. Videotape your challenge, and video person can shout out elapsed seconds.*
  3. Afterward (while video is still going) you will challenge a minimum of 3 people, called out by name and what the challenge is. Be creative. “I challenge Bob Smith of Ace Realty to stand on one foot while blindfolded. I challenge Sue Jones of Fancy Florist to stand on one foot while her husband hits her with a pool noodle. I challenge Jim Johnson of Johnson Ford to stand on one foot in the showroom and recite the alphabet backwards. I will donate $5 for each second you keep that foot off the ground.”
  4. Post the video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other video platforms where your friends hang out. Tag the people you just challenged as well as the person who challenged you. Include the following message in your post: I stood for [##] seconds and raised $xxx! #standforamputees #putyourfootdownpeople #savealegsavealife Learn about the challenge at https://thesalsal.org/put-your-foot-down-video-challenge/
  5. When your friends complete the challenge donate your pledge using Cash App [$TheSALSAL] or donate here.

• Wearing one white sock on the foot in the air will help promote the SALSAL brand.
• While $5 a second is the suggested amount, you can pledge any amount.
• You can create any SAFE challenge for your friend to do while standing on one foot. Let’s make this FUN and SAFE!
• Please use assistance if needed to prevent falls!