We intend to help as many patients as possible and we need your help & support. All donations will be used to assist those in need via our Patient Assistance Program.

All donations made to The Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation are used for philanthropic initiatives.

The Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation Patient Assistance program was established to provide aid to those who have limited financial resources and who may be underinsured or have no health insurance and benefits.

Donations are used to assist those in need obtain items and services needed to help manage wounds and prevent their recurrence.  Diabetic shoes and inserts, socks, dressing supplies, walkers and Roll-a-bout walkers are some of the items we have provided to patients who have requested our assistance.

Patients requesting assistance may submit an application (Click Here to Apply) which will be reviewed.  If approved, funds are paid directly to appropriate vendors responsible for providing of requested services.

Additionally, a portion of donations are used to fund the Harold L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship through the American Board of Wound Management Foundation.  The scholarship was created to support worthy health care providers requiring financial assistance to prepare for Board certification in Wound Management.  For more information on the scholarship, Please visit https://thesalsal.org/scholarship/

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