Community Screening & Education

Grass roots outreach fuels strength and growth.

One way we fulfill our mission is by hosting special events throughout the United States. These free events feature health screenings and education for at-risk communities, plus workshops, networking, and roundtables for local healthcare providers. Our goals are:

  • help community members understand their risk level
  • increase awareness in the professional community of best practices and current technologies
  • energize the community about turning the tide of amputations

“The community screening events were initiated as a way to support patients in need of wound care when most treatment options were closed during COVID. We found we were not only screening patients whose care had been interrupted, we were also seeing patients in need who had never been treated in the past.”

-Carol Barry, Board Member

The most at-risk communities benefit greatly from the screening events. Many patients are limited by lack of caregiver support, financial support, transportation and/or the simple awareness on how to navigate the current complex healthcare system. Although many organizations offer periodic screenings, we believe our professional components make us unique. As long as so many of our fellow citizens have limited access to excellent healthcare, SALSAL will have more demand for screenings than we can fulfill.

  • Patient screenings and referrals to local providers
  • Patient and family education on prevention measures
  • Industry and local sponsors provide services and support
  • Provider roundtable discussions of best practices and ways to lower amputation rates
  • Live case studies
  • Engaging local nursing students
  • Data collection and tracking of improved outcomes

We can’t do it alone

SALSAL must use community level initiatives to grow into a national presence. Our strength and growth are fueled by a grass-roots network of volunteers and forward-thinking sponsors. Help us carry out the SALSAL mission.


Sponsoring a SALSAL community screening event gets your organization involved with patients, caregivers, physicians, nurses and volunteers. From demonstrating technology to showing support for better health outcomes, our sponsors fulfill a key role in SALSAL events.


Event ambassadors live and work in the community and help SALSAL with the heavy lifting of organizing and coordinating the event. If you’re a go-getter with community connections, and a willingness to volunteer your time for 4-6 months prior to the event, get in touch today.