SALSAL to Launch Video Challenge Fundraiser

The Save A Leg, Save A Life Foundation announced the launch of a unique fundraising campaign starting March 25 and running through August 2023. The goals, according to founder Dr. Desmond Bell, are to change public tolerance of preventable amputations and to raise $1M to support their mission.

The “Put Your Foot Down” name is meant to evoke a strong public response to the increases in preventable amputations, most often experienced by diabetics and people with peripheral arterial disease and chronic wounds. The name also expresses solidarity, Dr. Bell explained, with those who have suffered an amputation.

Participants in the challenge will raise funds through pledges, while standing on one foot while enduring distractions such as being blindfolded or counting backward. The longer the person maintains the one foot stance, the more funds are raised. Subsequently the participant will pledge donations when friends or family take the challenge.

The entire proceeding should be recorded on video and uploaded to social media platforms where the Foundation hopes for a viral effect, akin to the Ice Bucket Challenge used by the ALS Foundation several years ago.

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